Corvette From Green Hell

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Sometimes you just run across something that makes you scream out loud, “What the Hell were they thinking?” and, “Where they on drugs?” This, sadly, is one of those moments. In my inbox today, terror from Craigslist was waiting for me.


It is, as you can see, a C5 Corvette. It’s done 110,000 miles, it has a proper six-speed manual, and has obviously been customized by someone who loves Dr. Seuss way too much. He definitely did like green eggs and ham because his car is the same color.


Additionally, the car has a hideous set of dubs on it, and while I understand the performance benefits of fixed headlights, on a green car they look a bit too Kermit-ish for my frog-leg averse appetite.


Ah, I see why this is such a special Corvette: it’s from Florida. The seller also seems a bit unrealistic in the price of his “One of a kind, a lot of money in it, GORGEOUS LOOKING”  car at $18,500. Maybe for a pristine C5, but for a clapped-out car like this? Hell no!


One of the best parts of the ad is that the seller is possibly looking to trade it for a replica Lamborghini. Oh, and who can miss the six exhaust tips and Eagle Talon-inspired rear deck wing. Only in Florida.

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