Corvette Mechanics: Are You Tipping Them?

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A box of donuts builds a lot of goodwill, but should you be handing mechanics cash instead? 

When it comes to act of tipping, America is king of the practice. Tipping culture has moved to a point where some people are tipping for almost any service or job. From a front desk clerk at a hotel to the mail carrier, and now apparently your Corvette mechanic. DAVE396LT1 posted a thread asking people about tipping their GM mechanic. He says he never tips at a dealership, but wondered how the rest of the community felt. The idea intrigued us so much, we had to bring it to the front page.

It’s a pretty simple question at its core, but there’s some pretty complicated reasoning needed to find an answer. With the thread running at three pages and counting, it seems that our community has a lot of thoughts on how, when, and why to tip. Some people tip for every service. Some only tip when the service is excellent, or when it’s continually the same mechanic. We even have some that tip before service as a way to guarantee good work.

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Personally we subscribe to the more European outlook on tipping. Everyone should be paid what they’re worth, and shouldn’t need the promise of a tip to do their job properly. That’s just a bribe, and we think most humans deserve better than that. That said, we also understand the desire to show appreciation for someone who appears to have gone out of their way to get something done for us. Sometimes a quick passing of cash is the fastest and easiest way to show that appreciation.

But how does everyone here really feel about it? Rather than ask everyone to dive into the C7 forum and start flooding the thread, why not just hit the handy poll we included below. If you really feel passionate about your particular opinion, then you can certainly head into the thread to discuss.

So sound off and let’s figure this out. Are we a forum of tippers or not?

Do you tip your GM service technicians?

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