Are Corvette Owners Cheap?

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The Corvette presents a tremendous value for a wide variety of enthusiasts. Why so much griping then? 

The Corvette is, of course, America’s Sports Car. While new examples are still out of reach for the Average Joe, they’ll forever be an easier car to aspire to than a Porsche, Jaguar, or Aston Martin.

For most of its life, the Corvette has been a world-class sports car when compared to its peers. And in our opinion, the C7 is the best yet. It’s a true “no excuses” car that will stand toe to toe with European rivals for tens of thousands of dollars less. Whether you’re measuring performance, build quality, comfort, or styling, the Corvette does a phenomenal job of delivering on those expectations.

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Even taking used cars into the mix, the Chevrolet Corvette is a car that represents the highest performance you can buy at nearly every price point. From a ratty $4,000 C4 up to a brand-new $80,000 Z06, there’s something for everybody.

In this forum thread, started by CorvetteForum member entman, he describes a bit of sports car culture shock. After owning three Porsche 911s, it seems that entman saw a better value in the Corvette and bought one. But he’s surprised by how people complain about the prices for some Corvettes. So he asks why Corvette owners are so cheap.

It’s a bold, but fair, question. A couple posters pointed out the dealership experience for Corvette owners is no different from the rest of the Chevrolet lineup, which is very value-oriented. From a sales and service standpoint, most owners miss out on the “premium” experience of the Corvette’s competitors.

When your dealership experience consists of oil change coupons and $199/month economy car lease deals, it’s a decidedly different feel than the “language of luxury” peddled at European dealerships. It makes sense that it would get under your skin a bit.

What do you think? Are Corvette owners cheap, or are we just made to feel that way? Add your voice to the discussion in our forum.

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