How-To Spotlight: Touch Up Paint Pens

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Is there anything worse than perfection ruined? Any blemish can be a headache, but is there a way to fix it on the cheap?

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Corvette or a Smart Car, most people have a sense of pride in their ride. But from time to time, accidents happen. There are plenty of ways to avoid most fender benders, but if you drive your car even somewhat frequently you will eventually chip some of the paint. So what options do you have when you can’t handle looking at that little ding? The most obvious answer is a paint pen.

Paint pens are not going to restore your car to showroom condition, but from a distance they can certainly hide smaller problems. And today, we have a few steps for you to follow if you decide to work with them.

Today’s How-To Spotlight article will walk you through this process. Following these instructions to the letter can help camouflage unsightly chips to all but the most discerning eyes.

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In the end, these repairs could make you feel better about the look of your car from a few feet away. Sure, getting your Corvette back to a showroom finish isn’t going to happen with a paint pen. But if you’re looking for a quick fix that falls into the category “good from far but far from good,” you’re on the right track. Remember, patience and cost savings are key in repairs like this.

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