Five Comebacks to Combat Midlife Crisis Accusations

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2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

Though It’s Been Accused of Being a Midlife Crisis Car, Corvette Owners Actually Come in All Shapes and Ages.

If you’re a Corvette owner, then you must be old, right? You spend equal amounts of time on the golf course as you do admiring your fully-stocked 401K. Sometimes you enjoy woodworking, but most of your spare time is spent making sure no dust particles land on your prized GM machine.

Enter reality, where the above narrative is not necessarily true. While I’m sure that there are one or two Baby Boomer Corvette owners (allegedly), the truth is that Corvette ownership goes far beyond the aforementioned midlife crisis stereotype. Here are a few comebacks for when that label is thrown in your direction, as provided by the ever-insightful members of Corvette Forum.

1. I’ve been a Corvette fan my entire life

Senior forum member C5North shares, “I’ve never understood the mid-life crisis label…I’ve gotten it a handful of times, which is odd because I bought my first brand new C5 when I was 27. Now 46, just picked up a new C7. The only crisis I see is not having a Corvette.”

2.  I’ve earned it, dammit!

Steven Bell says the best way to shut up the naysayers is with a little personal anecdote. “If they push me about it, I just tell them that I work three jobs, many times seven days a week, to save up for this car.”

3.  Have you driven one?

So if you are approaching the midlife marker, then what should you say? Emerald Eagle recommends sharing just how good of a car the Corvette really is. “For 50 years I have driven sports cars, and the C7 is the latest and first Corvette. I would have bought a mini van if I was going through a midlife crisis!”

4.  Crisis? What Crisis?

Sometimes you have to walk right into the hate. Kent1999 says that people should perhaps change their perspective. “I’ll take a midlife crisis over an end of life crisis any day!” Well said, Kent. Might as well have the fun while you still can!

5.  Corvette Karma

And lastly, life’s priorities can sometimes get in the way of your Corvette ownership. But as Italianfox points out, things always end as they should. “Bought my first Corvette in 1990. Sold it in ’94 to help pay for college tuition–Never should’ve. Bought a C6 in 2006 and then a C7 in 2016 at 69 years young. I think I have one more in me!”

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