Prosecutors Claim Two Ohio Men Responsible for 67 Stolen Corvettes

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William Rocco and Ronald Mysyk Home

Federal agents have arrested two men prosecutors say were running a $1.5 million racketeering scheme involving 67 stolen Corvettes.

According to a 72-count indictment, for four years William Rocco (left) and Ron Mysyk (right) ran a major chop shop ring in Cleveland, Ohio where they paid thieves to steal Corvettes from dealerships for parts.

Apparently, a lot of Corvette owners outside of Cleveland could have fallen victim to the scheme considering the parts stripped from the stolen cars were later sold to enthusiasts at swap meets.

The indictment against Rocco, 51, and Mysyk, 65, who were arrested Wednesday morning, states that some of the stolen Corvettes were worth in excess of $100,000.

Charges against the men include grand theft, and receiving stolen property. According to the indictment, Rocco even tried to bribe an area Sheriff’s Deputy in the scheme.

The men are due to appear in court March 24.

To see the full indictment from the story click here.

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