Detroit News Heats up Corvette SUV Rumblings

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Corvette SUV XC7

Besides some impressive SUV renders, Detroit News contest inspires a cool Corvette sport wagon, as well.

All this talk about a Corvette SUV makes you wonder if General Motors is really planning to ditch ties to Chevy and establish its own independent nameplate.

Of course, the idea of a Corvette SUV design contest sponsored by the Detroit News isn’t the kind of thing you bank on when speculating about the potential production of a vehicle. But it certainly lends itself to deeper speculation.

Prompted by the trusted news source’s own rendering of a Corvette SUV called the XC7 (see above), they decided to allow readers to submit their own ideas of what a ‘Vette-inspired ute might look like. The paper then called on former Corvette boss Tom Wallace, Detroit News design chief Jamie Hollar, and auto critic Henry Payne to judge the submissions.

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Raymond Dong of Dearborn, Michigan took home first place for this rendering …

Andrew Kear of New Jersey earned second place for this one …

And Rory Williams of Farmington Hills, Michigan took home third place for his very different take …

Clearly, Williams took more of a wagon theme with his approach to the design contest. But it impressed the judges nonetheless.

“We need more wagons with center quid pipes,” said Payne.

If Corvette is truly considering its own nameplate, Williams’ design certainly makes you wonder if maybe they should consider a wagon, as well as an SUV.

We’d love to probe former GM executive Bob Lutz on the idea, considering that he seems pretty certain that Corvette will break from Chevy, as detailed in a previous Corvette Forum report.

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