Corvette of the Week: Perhaps the Most-Loved 1988 Z51 Ever

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A couple of months ago, Corvette Forum member DMITTZ started a build thread to document the work he’s been doing on hisĀ 1988 Corvette Z51 coupe. It’s one of the most thorough and engaging build threads I’ve ever read. If we gave out Corvette Forum Thread of the Week awards, it would certainly get my vote. Since we don’t (yet!), we’ll have to dole out the next best thing to the thread’s inspiration: our Corvette of the Week honor.

Not only is this ‘Vette a worthy winner because of its beauty and performance, but also because of its history. As DMITTZ notes in the thread:

I first got my Corvette back in 2003 when I was 16 and had wanted one since I was little. I drove it as a DD in high school for a couple years until I retired it to weekend/ summer duty in 2005. I have owned this car for 13 years now and managed to keep it throw high school, graduating university, getting married and buying a home. I have had lots of fun, cruising, auto-crossing, drag racingĀ and have made lots of great memories with it. Needless to say I plan to keep it for life!

Of course, if you’re going to have yourself a life-long car, you better make sure she’s a worthy companion. In order to guarantee as much, DMITTZ began a full rebuild of the engine, transmission, and both the front and rear suspension, along with some weight reductions, and solving other “various problems” with the car.

He’s not quite done with the project, but he’s getting close. Which means the thread is getting even better! So head on over, check it out, and congratulate DMITTZ on his Corvette of the Week winning ride.

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