Corvette of the Week: You Can’t Say “No” to This C4

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1995_corvette of the week

I understand the philosophy that you always have a choice in every decision you make, but this week’s Corvette of the Week makes me wonder if that’s always true.

Just look at this beautiful 1995 Corvette, shining like an icon. This is one well-kept C4, with CAT mufflers with black tips, perfect paint, and just 17,437 miles to her. How could you say anything but “yes” to this car?

Well, Corvette Forum member tmirisola was just posed with such a decision, and negativity apparently was not an option. In his recent thread titled “Bought this 1995 C4 today 🙂,” tmirisola explains: “The buy number was low enough I couldn’t say No 

With a late-model C4 in this condition, we can certainly see why sometimes you just don’t have a choice in these matters. Especially when the buy price is $12,250, as tmirisola explains in the thread. Although he also explains that there is some corrosion and rusting going on in the engine bay, but it’s “nothing that can’t be cleaned up and made like new again.”

Seems like a can’t-miss deal to me. And to many others in the thread, too.

So congrats, timirisola, on saying “yes” to your new Corvette of the Week winner!

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