Corvette of the Week: Three Reasons the C4 Will Always Represent

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c4 corvette grand sport

Here’s three solid reasons why the C4 Corvette is most assuredly a worthy representative of the crossed flags.

If you ever come across someone with the audacity to proclaim that “C4s don’t really count as ‘Vettes,” then please share with them these three damning pieces of evidence, which most clearly prove the opposite. Beyond any reasonable doubt.

Before we get to the evidence, let’s get to the offending proclaimer, Corvette Forum member, JetMechZ16. Now, I’m not normally in the habit of calling anyone out here, but that’s a direct quote from the very active Senior Member. And obviously one meant to elicit reaction.

Lifetime Gold Member PLRX quickly came to the C4’s defense by posting the photos you see here. Really, what more needs to be said than the photo above? That C4 Grand Sport is as smoking hot as Corvettes come. Even if you can point to hotter, could you honestly say this “doesn’t really count” as a ‘Vette?

c4 corvette convertible

If so, then PLRX has the photo directly above for you, as well. This is his C4 convertible, another fine representative of the emblem. For me, a child of the ’80s, the C4 convertible is the very embodiment of an iconic Corvette. If this one was fire-engine red, it’d be the first one to come to my mind.

Still not convinced? Well, then check out this photo, which is the real reason why PLRX was posting in the “What’s the Biggest or Craziest Thing You Ever Moved With Your Corvette?” thread…

2nd Marine Division

Here’s what the Marine (thank you for your service!) had to say about his Corvette-hauling experience:

“I was told to the report to the Commanding General’s building for the change of command ceremony planning. The SgtMaj there gave me the Command’s Colors, and guidons. I was driving my C4 convertible, put the top down, and placed them on the tiny cargo area behind the seat while the rest was resting on the windshield/A-pillar, and me holding them with my right hand. I was lucky it was an automatic.”

You still wanna tell PLRX that a C4 doesn’t count as a Corvette?

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