Corvette Wheels: O.E. vs. Performance Tires

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If you own a Corvette whose wheels have
been damaged in an accident, make sure that you buy new wheels or tires
to get unmatched performance. OE (original equipment) tires help your
vehicle achieve the right performance capability and influence the
overall personality of the vehicle. Modern day vehicles have undergone
significant technological advancements. To keep up with these
technological changes, manufacturers have created OE tires that perform
much better than the tires used in the past.

Characteristics of Good Tires

Some of the characteristics of good tires include reduced noise
levels, increased tread ware, increased handling, greater ride comfort,
better hydroplaning resistance and increased snow traction. While most
tire manufacturers try to expand the overall capabilities of their tires,
their main aim is to blend and balance the characteristics of the tires
so that they’re optimized for use as original equipment tires. More
often than not, manufacturers are only able to increase the performance
traits of their tires in some areas without reducing the performance
capabilities in other areas. Since all tires have unique performance
traits, look for tires that are specifically designed to suit your
Corvette’s performance and intended use as they are an ideal fit for
your vehicle.

Since car manufacturers work closely with tire manufacturers to make
OE tires that produce the best results, consider using OE tires instead
of branded performance tires to get the best driving experience.

Tires for your Corvette

Regardless of the price, the Goodyear F1 Supercar EMT’s and the
Falken GR Beta FK-451 are customer favorites. But the Michelin Pilot
Sport PS2 tires are considered one of the best tires suited to
Corvettes. These tires were originally manufactured as OE tires for
prestigious sports vehicles and high performance cars.  Although the
tires offer exceptional dry road traction, cornering, and handling, they
aren’t ideal for driving in inclement weather conditions. The exteriors
of the Pilot Sport PS2 feature 2 distinct tread rubber compounds while
the interiors are reinforced with Aramid/nylon hybrid filaments.

Although OE tires offer unmatched traction, consumers are looking for
cheaper tires that have the same performance traits. The Michelin PS2’s
on an average cost anything from $163 to $590 each depending on the
size you wish to buy while the Falken GR Beta FK-451 could cost you
nearly $816 for a set.

In the end, you will have to determine what best fits your budget as well as your intended use when deciding between OE and performance tires.

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