Corvette Forum Member Needs Help Picking a Convertible

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What is the best way to help your fellow forum member drop his top and land a convertible?

What happens when you have a wicked twin-turbo C5 coupe and a Ferrari F430 in the garage, but you really want a convertible? Such a conundrum was posted up by ICULUKN-C5 in Corvette Forum a few weeks ago. He presented the following options: convert the C5 coupe, sell the coupe and buy something else, or buy a C5 Vert and swap over the turbo powertrain. We were anxiously watching the thread to see what choice would be made, but there’s been no recent chatter.

So let’s pool the collective knowledge of the Corvette Forum community, and give ICULUKN-C5 some serious ideas on what to do next. He mentioned buying a used Gallardo convertible, and gave us a rough budget of $80k on that cost. Then there are the options of converting his coupe to a drop-top, or just buying a convertible and moving the engines over. He has always loved the C5 Pace Car, so that would be the purchase choice there.

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What we want you guys to do is head over to the thread and start providing some extra information and suggestions. Considering he already owns an F430 and was looking at a Gallardo, it is obvious that he has a taste for European exotica. Can you guys find something else that is as desirable for that $80k range?

We’ve seen V10 Audi R8s, 997-generation Porsche Turbos, and Aston Martin DB9s in that price range. The idea of a V12 Aston Martin sounds pretty appealing to us. If we had to make a second option, we would choose buying a ’98 Pace Car and swapping over the turbo. In our experience, even the best convertible conversions aren’t as good as what is possible from a factory car, though. When you are looking at this kind of money and performance, there is no reason to cut corners while cutting the top off.

But you have our opinion, and you have seen ICULUKN-C5’s proposed options. So hit that thread and let’s help this man find the perfect way to get the wind in his hair.

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