Did NCM Confirm 10-Speed Automatic Corvette?

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This Year’s NCM Bash Includes a Presentation Titled “Transmission, From 3-Speed Manual to 10-Speed Automatic!!”

Eagle-eyed Corvette Forum members noticed an interesting bit of information while perusing the NCM Bash‘s agenda for the week’s festivities. Among them is a forum entitled “Transmission, From 3-Speed Manual to 10-Speed Automatic!!”

The presentation features renowned Corvette specialist Paul “The Corvette Mechanic” Koerner. As advertised, he’ll be discussing Corvette transmissions in all of their various configurations. Those range from the very earliest 3-speed manuals, to what could potentially be an upcoming 10-speed automatic.

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GM currently has a 10-speed automatic gearbox, developed jointly with Ford. It’s being used in the high-horsepower Camaro ZL1. If Camaro gets this transmission, it would only make sense that Corvette would make good use of the box as well.

Previous hearsay from GM has mentioned that the 10-speed auto would be too large for Corvette use. But it doesn’t seem that the so-called “10A” is physically any larger than the “8A” currently in use. While this is all speculation at the moment, the current 8-speed automatic in the C7 hasn’t been particularly well-received by the automotive press, or the public at large. So GM is likely having a hard think on how to improve the automatic experience. Especially because a higher proportion than ever of auto ‘Vettes are sold today than the row-your-own variety.

If this new transmission is, in fact, going to be used in an upcoming Corvette, perhaps it won’t be available to the public until the C8 generation debuts. We haven’t heard any further details about when that might be, or what method of motivation exactly is going to be employed when it does, but we certainly look forward to it, and will bring you everything as soon as we can.

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