How-To Spotlight: Jack Up Your Corvette

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Make Sure You Are Hitting All of Your Jack Points With This Week’s How-To Spotlight

There are many reasons that you’ll need to get your Corvette off the ground safely. As a DIY-er, making certain that you are keeping you and your car safe should be job number one. It’s a safe bet that the majority of us do not have access to a professional grade car lift. Assuming that is the case, you’re going to need another way to get your Corvette jacked up off the ground.

Corvette Jack Point

Rotating your tires and changing your oil are a couple of the more common reasons you might need to jack up your Corvette. Some of you are taking on larger projects too, such as brakes, rotors, calipers, and whatnot. In any event, you need to be able to gain access under the car. Unlike some cars, there are specific locations on the Corvette, also known as jack points, that are best to aim for.

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Missing a jack point can lead to fits of rage, disbelief, nausea, or vomiting. Especially if your ‘Vette ends up looking like the one pictured to the right. But with this week’s spotlight article, you’ll avoid such problems.

The article breaks down the best options for getting your car jacked up. Following the detailed instructions will give you the best possible outcome to quickly and safely get your car off of the ground. In the end, take your time and double check your points of contact. And if you can have a back-up point of contact, even better.

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