How a Dummy Helped Sell a Corvette

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I swear, just when you thought you’d heard it all, some other crazy story comes along.

Then again, I guess it’s true even when it comes to Corvettes, for nothing beats a great product other than a great promo, even if it is a little odd.

Take, for example, the story of ventriloquist Kevin Driscoll’s approach to unloading his ’77 ‘Vette, as reported by GM Authority.

Using a photo of him and his puppet pictured with the car, Driscoll was pitching the Corvette on eBay with the tag of “Buy It Now” with an asking price of $15,000. The ventriloquist also indicated that he’d made money from the car by charging photographers who wanted to shoot it with models.

Hey, sounds like a hell of a deal, right? Well, evidently so because a day after I picked up on the story, I checked eBay and the Corvette had apparently been sold.

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