Corvette Gets a $1,000 Price Increase

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I know it might not seem like a lot, but I have to say that learning that Chevy is adding another grand to the price of the C7 irks me a little.

Now, I do believe the new Stingray is worth the $1,000 price increase that went into effect August 4 for subsequent GM orders, according to a post by Kerbeck Corvette on a Corvette Forum thread. In fact, I think the car’s worth a whole lot more than the current sticker price. It’s just the idea of how the pricing is creeping up that gets under my skin, and it certainly has sparked a lot of discussion on the forum.

“$1,000 is no big deal,” posted member, ATX-C7.

Added member Glen e, “I’m surprised it’s just a grand.”

However, some others like member Translator disagree.

“I think these continuous price increases are ridiculous. I thought GM was on the right track by holding the 2015 prices steady with no increase, after the huge mid-year 2014 price increase. In my opinion, the Corvette is no longer the big bang for the buck that it used to be in previous years/generations.”

Member HollyRoller added, “Those of you who don’t think $1,000 is a big deal, please send $1,000 to me.”

I’m more inclined to agree with member Dr. Ice.

“Think how much beer you could have bought if only you would have ordered earlier. $1,000 is not much, but I am happy it is staying in my pocket just the same!”

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