When eBay Listings Attack: This C4 Corvette is “One of a Kind”

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Corvette 7

When you see Corvettes like this one, sometimes you’ve just got to wonder what in the world these people were thinking?

Sure, I get the fascination with ’80s conversion vans like the one below.

new conversion van

But exactly how does someone get the inclination that a 1986 Corvette is in dire need of this kind of outlandish custom work, like that found on this eBay find?

To put it more simply, at what point did a person look at perfectly good looking C4, similar to the one pictured just below, and say, “hey, what can I do to make it look like the van pictured above?” Scary, huh?

new 1986 Corvette

The seller certainly got one thing right, though, it’s a “one of a kind.”

I guess, best case scenario is that there might be a few salvageable parts. But even then, you have to ask yourself: is it worth paying $17,000 to have to look at this thing and figure out what’s usable?

Still, I’m betting there’s probably someone out there reading this post right now wishing they owned both the custom Corvette and the custom van.

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