Emergency Hood Release

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your hood release cable breaks, you will never have a problem accessing
your engine compartment, if you follow this very simple procedure as a
Cut two pieces of BRAIDED NYLON TWINE about 3 feet in
length. The twine diameter should be about the diameter of a pencil lead.
Burn the ends using a match to prevent unraveling. Locate the latch
mechanism. You will find it attached to the cable end. Secure the nylon
twine to the mechanism so that it can be pulled inboard and across the
windshield. After you have tested opening the latch, just coil up the
twine near the edge, and under the hood, so that it can be accessed with
your fingers, if it is ever needed.
The twine usually comes in
white. If you want it black to be less conspicuous, just dye
The use of braided nylon twine is recommended because of
its\’ strength and suppleness (will coil nicely).
A routine
application of white grease to the cable will help prevent breakage.

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