Bitter Cold Can’t Stop the Corvette C7

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There’s a part of me that wonders the point of a story like this, considering I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind driving a C7 in frigid winter temperatures. But then I have to admit, I’ve written a few pieces myself that are more food for thought than anything else, which is basically what we’re talking about with this Car and Driver test.

After noticing that their test ‘Vette’s digital tire-temperature gauge simply read “Frozen,” the good folks at the iconic car mag decided to leave the car outside over the course of a VERY cold Michigan evening and do some testing. To be more specific, the story wound up gauging how well the Stingray’s systems functioned when it was 1 degree Fahrenheit, -3 degrees with a wind chill of about -12, and finally -26 degrees.

All and all, everything functioned pretty well. Some of the C7’s equipment, like the power windows and the fuel pump, did start struggling a bit as the temperature dropped to those dreadful levels. But in the end, the Corvette still started, proving that not even brutally cold weather can tame the C7.

But still, you’d think a reputable mag like Car and Driver could afford a garage, right?

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via [Car and Driver]

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