How Fast Have You Driven Your Corvette?

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“How fast you driven?” is a question I get frequently in this job. I get the chance to drive some of the fastest and most powerful cars in production, so surely I’ve seen some excessive speeds on the dash before, right? I might tell you, if you pay really close attention.

Oh, this topic came up because someone else brought it up on the forums. Now, Silverwolf_pup posed the inquiry to everyone else in the C5 section about just how fast they had pushed their particular machines. Every manner of number has shown up since then, from the mundane, like “75 because that’s the speed limit,” up to “I don’t know, the speedo only goes to 200.”

Exciting stuff indeed. I for one love to hear other’s tales of speed as well, so it’s a great thread to read. Goes without saying though, that this is a dangerous thing, and that we shouldn’t be pushing the boundaries of our cars on public roads. Horrific crashing may result from dumb decisions, and we don’t want to promote that, now do we? Take a moment if you get a chance and jump into the thread to share your own speed stories; we can always use more. You won’t regret sharing, I promise that.

As for me and my top speed? I already told you what it was, you just didn’t pay close enough attention. It was a Lamborghini Gallardo for those interested.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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