First Time Corvette Rides Can Be Beautiful

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My wife is an incredibly important part of my life, and my love of cars. She has supported every insane idea I have ever had, from buying sports cars and motorcycles, to my decision to quit my day job and write about cars full-time for a living. She even owns her own sports car, a Guards Red Porsche 944.

Having someone that you love and care about sitting in the passenger seat of your car on a sunny day can make the difference between a good drive and an unforgettable one. Over in the C1 and C2 section, Gloryhog gives us the story of his wife’s first ride in his new ’66 Corvette roadster with a big block and side-pipes. The entire story has that little touch of love and affection that shows he cares about both the car, and his lady passenger. After the story, he sends out a call to everyone to share their “first ride” stoires, and the results are fantastic.

There are lots of tales of love found and love lost, as well as few funny anecdotes as well. If you want a great way to brighten your day, this is the perfect way to do it. There are only three pages in the thread right now, so it won’t take you that long to read through all of them.

And don’t forget, if you have a story to share, hop in and post it. We’d love to read more great “first ride” stories.

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