Corvette Forum Member Buys His First Corvette

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CorvetteForum member redback's C6 Corvette

This C6 was made possible by help from forum members. 

It’s a dream for countless gearheads around the world. And for the lucky ones, it’s a day you’ll never forget. After being a CorvetteForum member for nearly four years, junior member redback has decided to take the plunge and buy himself a Corvette. And looking over his clean, new-to-him 2005 C6 coupe, we couldn’t be happier for him.

CorvetteForum member redback's C6 Corvette

“It is a 2005 Coupe with 6000km (3800 miles),” he says. “I bought it 9 days ago (Friday) in Montreal, and it was shipped to me the next day in a trailer in Ottawa.” Being wintertime in Canada, he won’t be doing much with the car until April. But if he’s anything like us (and we’d bet on it), he’s probably going to be counting down the days until those first signs of spring.

And he says he couldn’t have done it without you – yes, you, the loyal members of CorvetteForum. “After some great advice from the guys on this site, I have finally bought my first Corvette,” he says. Thanks to the wealth of information on the forums, it sounds like he took his time researching and figuring out what he wanted. What’s more, he researched the strengths and weaknesses of the C6. “Prior to purchasing it, I got a copy of the Car Proof [Canada’s version of CarFax], he says. Then he checked the car’s history at his local GM dealer. “They were able to confirm that 4/5 recalls have been completed, and the most recent battery and oil change.”

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On top of it all, his ‘Vette is completely original save for the battery. While that’s impressive (C6s aren’t getting any younger), it means that he’ll have some work to do come springtime: “When I take it out of storage in April, the first thing I plan on doing is changing all of the fluids, and also the tires,” says redback.

CorvetteForum member redback's C6 Corvette

To us, that sounds like a perfect way to familiarize yourself with a new ride. It also should ensure that his new favorite car should give him thousands of trouble-free miles. Great buy, redback. We look forward to your updates on the forum for years to come.

James Derek Sapienza is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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