In the Garage or On the Streets: Where Is Your Corvette?

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) Burnout

We have already talked about the idea of a Corvette being too big of a purchase to even justify owning one, what with the worry and concern about what might happen to it if you drive it around, the constant fretting over door dings and rock chips and everything else. But how many of you actually daily drive your Corvette?

Over in Corvette Forum, member The Director asked if people were daily driving their C6s or keeping them as garage queens. I want to go ahead and expand this out to all Corvettes. How do you guys treat your machine?

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I understand that if you happen to own a pristine 1969 Stingray with 30k original miles on it, you won’t be driving it much, but aside from special classic models, why do you guys choose to drive or protect your cars? If I owned a C6, I can promise that it would be my daily driver. It is a car, and I would treat it as such. My dogs would be go in the back, I would take it grocery shopping, or I would pack it full of gear and go camping at the beach. If I can’t enjoy my car, why would I own it?

So sound off in the forum. Let us know what reasons you have for keeping your ‘Vette locked in a garage? Or why you put her through a 100 daily miles of a long commute? Maybe the garage guys can convince us to drive a bit less, and perhaps the daily drivers can convince the other side to let their hair down a bit and go for a few more miles every month.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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