One Corvette Owner’s Dilemma: to Carbon Flash or Not to Carbon Flash?

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Arctic White C7 Corvette Z51 (1)

All right, kids. We have another question about tastes and modifications. Forum member ArcticC7 has a new C7 in Arctic White (surprising, I know) and he/she is looking to pick up a Z51-style rear spoiler. The question is: should ArcticC7 go for the Carbon Flash model or stick with one in body-matching paint?

I myself am a fan of the contrast provided by the Carbon Flash on white paint, but I also enjoy the cleaner look provided by a matching spoiler. The thread with the above question is full of lots of arguments for either side. However, we wanted to get a more collective thought on the issue. So here we are, once again, with one of our handy-dandy polls to collect some opinions – and the style preferences of our prestigious community’s citizens. Hopefully, other new buyers can find this and see what makes a Corvette look good – and what makes a Corvette look like JC Whitney threw up on it.

What the hell are you waiting for? Vote, then hit the thread below to leave your more detailed thoughts.

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