Halltech Cold Air Intake Drag Strip Testing

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There are a few topics that will almost always result in a heated forum debate, and one of those topics is the cold air intake. Some sing their praises as God’s gift to cheap horsepower, while others claim that there are no gains to be had, and that oiled-cotton filter media is inferior to paper.

The big problem is that the gains are so hard to test. A dyno run is usually performed with the hood open and a big industrial fan blowing on the engine to keep things cool and simulate airflow, but this doesn’t accurately demonstrate¬†what happens in the real world.

In an attempt to put this debate to bed for good,¬†Corvette Forum member ACS55 decided to install a Halltech CAI on his 2016 Z06 and perform real-world drag strip testing. After taking every single variable into account, the car was 0.15 seconds faster, with the trap speed improving by 4.66 MPH. His best run was [email protected] MPH.

Over a tenth of a second is a pretty impressive gain for such a simple, relatively inexpensive modification. ACS55 was impressed with the performance, but noted that the build quality of the CAI left a lot to be desired. Still, if you were looking for hard data on cold air intakes one way or the other, it’s hard to beat this thread.

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