7 Holiday Tips Every Corvette Owner Should Keep in Mind

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Dashing through the snow…

In a one-horse open sleigh…

O’er the fields we go…

Laughing all the way… just as long as you don’t get too close to my Corvette.

Ah, c’mon, you know it’s true. The holiday season is full of joy and cheer, but if you happen to walk out of a crowded store and see someone parking too close to your ‘Vette, you’re more likely to throw a fit than to start humming Christmas carols.

That said, we’ve come up with a few tips (some a bit more serious than others) to make sure all Corvette owners have a joyous holiday season.


1. Don’t Park Too Close to the Madness – Although it’s probably pretty obvious by the lead in, it’s worth reiterating in a more direct way that you should avoid crowded parking areas at all costs. The idea that most people out and about during the shopping season will be as concerned about their car as you is simply wishful thinking.

2. Avoid Busy Traffic Areas During Prime Shopping Hours – It kind of goes without saying that the more cars that are on the road, the greater the chance there is that someone could accidentally hit your Corvette. But the holiday season significantly increases those odds, because people tend to be more distracted.

3. Keep a Close Eye On the Weather – I imagine that most Corvette owners in places that would be most impacted by this — like the Midwest and East Coast — probably store their sports car around this time of the year anyway. But for those of you that don’t, be mindful of the fact that nothing dampens a day of shopping like getting stuck in the snow on the way home.

4. Don’t Let Others Drive Your Corvette – For one reason and one reason only: a friend or family member who borrows your Corvette is probably going to be less likely than you to follow the first three tips listed above.


5. Avoid the Chevy Dealership If You Can – Outside of two exceptions, which include 1) You’re taking delivery of a new Corvette or 2) You’re having your Corvette serviced, avoid all Chevrolet dealerships if you can. Why? Well, I can tell you from personal experience, that the depression of window shopping for a Corvette during Christmas when you can’t afford one will put a damper on anybody’s holiday joy.

6. Keep Mum About Your New Year’s Resolution to Buy a Grand Sport – The pressure you put on yourself every year to buy a new Corvette can be stressful enough. But the added pressure of living up to the idea when you’ve let others know your intentions makes it even tougher to bear, if it doesn’t pan out – especially if someone you tell decides to beat you to the punch.

7. Don’t Drink and Drive! – Yep, it should go without saying. But unfortunately, we know that the holidays often lead people to take this a little more lightly than at other times. But PLEASE (at all times) be mindful of the fact that drinking alcohol, then getting behind the wheel, can cause irreparable damage to you, your loved ones, and other innocent people, which impacts lives long after the holidays.

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