Corvette Owners: The Bald and the Beautiful

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Are ‘Vette Owners Stereotyped? Online Threads Question if Iconic Car is Still a Status Symbol for the Fabulous…or the Flabby

“Hardly any young, fit guys own Corvettes nowadays, why is that?” This is a curious question recently posted by car enthusiast Bob H. on a Corvette Forum thread. “What is it about Corvettes that appeal to guys in their 50s and above and who are mostly overweight?” he asks.

Now, we grew up in an era when Corvettes were mostly a status symbol for wealthy sports stars and beautiful celebrities, like sex symbol Farrah Fawcett, pictured right in her custom ‘Vette in the 1970s. So, of course, this topic immediately piqued our interest here at Corvette Forum.

We did a little digging to try to find some answers and/or to disprove Bob’s declaration about Corvette owners. What we found was that over time, this same question has been brought up again and again on our forum, including here and here.

“Do just old guys going through a midlife crisis drive the ‘Vette?” ponders another forum user. His question echoes several other forum threads. The posts claim that Corvette owners tend to fit a certain stereotype. Purportedly, they are balding, out of shape men going through a midlife crisis with America’s Sports Car. It, of course, sounds a bit harsh. But with multiple forum threads devoted to the subject, it’s worth digging a little deeper.

One forum fan went so far as to ask why it seems like no young men drive Corvettes. While the Corvette still presents a tremendous performance bargain when compared with its contemporaries, the price has gradually crept up over the years. Even the base models are now all but out of reach for everyone but the most well-established buyers, which usually presents an older demographic. Many of those buyers want to recapture their youth and relive their glory days when Corvettes were still reasonably affordable. Others are trying to capture the excitement of youth they craved but never had.


“If the paint job gets scratched, that’s very upsetting to Corvette owners,” writes car enthusiast Mat Sarge. “They want these things to last forever — and they want to last forever. They’re never going to sell it. In fact, a lot of Corvette owners, when they buy a new Corvette, they keep the other one.”

‘The Corvette is not a cheap car, certainly too expensive for the
majority of Americans with families and a lot of related expenses.’

Another auto enthusiast points to the Corvette’s prohibitive cost as the reason why it seems to appeal to the affluent.

“The Corvette is not a cheap car, certainly too expensive for the majority of Americans with families and a lot of related expenses,” says Andrew K. on the threads. “At least for the C4 to C6 generation the price range is right in the sweet spot for most men whose kids have just left for college, or who just retired, to afford.”


Unfortunately, this association with an older base of owners is stigmatizing. It is deterring a lot of younger enthusiasts from even considering a used Corvette. Thus, of course, they are depriving themselves of a great car that’s affordable, reliable and can still keep up with many of the newest sports cars on the market.

However, when it comes to separating facts from fiction in this fiery debate, it all depends on who you ask.

“I know the C5 Z06 is starting to get a large following for guys in their 20s and 30s who are gearheads,” asserts Z Youngg on the threads. “The bang for the buck is hard to beat for these cars right now, and the LS motors are getting a cult following.”

‘Corvette owners want their cars to last forever — and they want to last forever.’

In summary, it only stands to reason that as men age, our metabolism slows and our hairlines recede. We’re certainly not looking forward to it. But we are looking forward to being able to buy a brand new sports car after working hard through our prime years. However, the only thing that can truly define a driver’s personality is the scope of his or her character. Sure, no one can deny that a Corvette is something incredible to own. However, the debate rages on as to whether or not it defines a certain demographic of drivers.

In fact, well-represented on our forums are “traditional” Corvette owners and younger fans. No matter how much or how little hair, body fat or cash you have doesn’t seem to matter on the threads, as long as you love Corvettes.

If you want to see what a non-traditional Corvette owner looks like, check out this story about celebutante Kendall Jenner, pictured right, in her ’56 Corvette! It’s awesome to see a young fan with an appreciation for the classics.

Tell us what you think about Corvette stereotypes in the forum

Tell us what you think about Corvette stereotypes in the forum. >>

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