How-To Spotlight: Adjusting Your Corvette’s Headlights

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Over time, your Corvette’s headlights can get out of alignment. It’s time to square them back up.

As with everything that is used, be it frequently or infrequently, headlights can break down or falter. In the case of your Corvette’s headlights, even they will need your attention from time to time. Once a year it can be good to make sure that your headlights are aimed or aligned properly. Doing this will benefit not only you, but those on the road around you.

Corvette Headlights

Have you ever driven at night and your attention was grabbed by the car coming in your direction? Did you notice that you’re looking at what appears to be the car version of Steve Buscemi’s Crazy Eyes character in the movie Mr. Deeds? (Ironically, Crazy Eyes wrecks a red C5 convertible at the end of the movie.) Well, this week’s How-To Spotlight article will help you avoid that.

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Historically the process of aiming the headlights on the Corvette hasn’t been ridiculously difficult. But it’s not exactly simple either. It helps to have a somewhat dark place to complete the steps, and working in the dark can add a bit of challenge. With all of that said, it is something that anyone can handle at home with a small amount of patience and some basic tools. Take a read through this week’s article to read through the few steps you will need to follow in order to quickly check the alignment of your headlights. Once you have figured out if your headlights need to be aligned, then you can work through the steps.

Proper alignment will keep the road properly lit and keep you from potentially causing accidents by shining your lights in the face of oncoming vehicles. Start with step one, and go from there.


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