LA Auto Show Hidden Gem

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The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the major shows on the circuit and accordingly, attracts all the major OEMs. But it also attracts companies that are connected to the auto industry. Their cars are usually hidden though in some of the smaller halls and darker hallways of the convention center. One such company, Barrett-Jackson used the LA Auto Show to preview some cars that will cross their block in January. In this case, the “Asteroid” which is based on a 1963 Coupe will be sold with no reserve.

Thsi car was originally ordered unpainted by Bob Nordskog, a famed offshore powerboat racer, and modified by legend George Barris. It was intended to serve as daily driver, race and show car. Nordskog increased the car’s displacement to 357 (from the original 327) and the resulting output was bumped to 400hp. When the Asteroid debuted, back in ’63, it graced the cover of Jan and Dean’s Surf City album along with Hot Rod magazine. The Copper metalflake was recently restored along with the rest of the car by Miller’s Corvettes.

It’s pretty tame when compared to some other Barris Kustoms, but we think that will only help broaden its appeal and command a higher price when it finally hits the auction block in the middle of January. Time to cash out the 401k.

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