The Mystery of the Last St. Louis Plant Chevy Corvette

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It’s been over 35 years since the second, and at the time, main home of the Chevy Corvette rolled its last vehicle off the line and closed its doors for good. But where is the last C3 Corvette from the St. Louis, Missouri plant?

The world-famous Chevy Corvette has had a total of three homes since its inception. The birth place of the ‘Vette was at the legendary Flint, Michigan plant back in the late 1940s. It saw the very first Corvette roll off the line in 1953. After a year full of uncertainty, the entire Corvette production was moved to St. Louis, Missouri and quickly became ground zero for producing America’s sports car.

The St. Louis plant thrived from 1954 until 1981, when GM decided to move the entire operation to the current home of the Corvette, Bowling Green, Kentucky. There, Chevy quickly assembled the C4. But, what happened to the last C3?

Some long-time Corvette Forum members have recently attempted to track down the infamous last C3. Even a few ex-employees and family members of such have surfaced on the thread trying to find out the whereabouts of this ‘Vette, which according to many, has non-matching engine-block and chassis numbers.


Forum member Critter1 claims to have worked on the last C3 himself and even remembers having signed the under carriage in magic marker, which is pretty darn cool. Since the car was released for general sale at a dealer in Detroit, Michigan, he and a few other GM employees purchased the historic Corvette for themselves. According to the story, after sitting in a temperature controlled storage unit until 1983 or 1984, the car was eventually sold to a team of father and son vehicle collectors from Illinois.

While these stories are amazing, the whereabouts of the car can’t as yet be confirmed. So the allure and mystery of the last C3 that rolled out of the St. Louis Corvette assembly plant lives on.

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