Should Our Fellow Forum Member Buy a 2015 or 2016 Corvette?

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Picture this conundrum: you’ve ordered your 2015 Corvette, your dream car, the one you’ve been waiting and waiting for. Then, finally, you’ve waited so long, that when the plant is actually done building it, next year’s version is almost out. You’ve just wasted all that time, and now your dream car is already a year old. You haven’t even driven it yet, and the value of the car has already gone down a couple points. However, you still have your dream car specified to your exacting demands. What should you do?

This is exactly what’s happening at the moment to one of our fellow Corvette Forum members. According to scrmeagle, he spec’d out his C7, ordered it, and now it’s on its way. But the new 2016 Corvettes are almost ready to ship as well.

Here’s how scrmeagle worded his call for help:

Long story short I ordered a 15 back in March, didn’t think it was going to come, I have been thinking about a 16 ever since May and almost pulled the trigger. I have just been informed that the 15 has been made and due in to the dealership first week in July. Heck 16’s are being built and arriving soon. I am looking at Stingray 3LT Z51 convertible. I have been told price is about the same for either. I have waited this long. What would you do?

So, what should scrmeagle do?

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