Let’s Have a Talk About Black Wheels

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Since the C7 was announced, there has been two major topics of discussion on Corvette Forum. First is the “where the hell are the round taillights” chatter, and the second is a heated debate brewing between fans of black wheels and chrome.

While I personally think it depends 100-percent on buyer preference, and my preference is the black, some buyers have a hard time deciding. Black wheels have always been an option on the aftermarket side, but the availability of factory blacked alloys has really brought the conversation front and center in the forum.

Now, user mdwsr2003 has decided to try the black wheel thing on his C6 corvette, and he isn’t quite sure if he likes his choice or not. The forum thread, titled “Went to the Dark Side,” has been pretty relaxed, but the consensus there seems to be a general distaste for the black.

To help settle this once and for all, we are now heading over to our favorite new method of interaction, a poll! So choose your favorite option, and maybe we can give mdwsr2003 a more solid answer. And remember, this is all for fun and just a little bit of helpful input. Now get to voting.

DO we like the black wheels on this C6?

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