Lingenfelter Brings Two Bad Corvettes and a Hot Rod Truck to SEMA

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Matt D’Andria of CarCast with Adam Carolla takes some time to interview Ken Lingenfelter in his booth at this year’s SEMA show. As you can see in the gallery and video below, Ken’s display this year is showcasing three different cars. Well, two cars and one badass 800 horsepower Silverado truck.

Lingenfelter’s packages on the new C7 Z06 include a very impressive one starting at just $4,000 that bumps horsepower to over 700, or you can go all the way up to packages that surpass the 1,000 horsepower mark. Even with that lowest package offer, the shop still does extensive engineering to ensure that all the components are ready for daily use. Higher HP options add new superchargers, and a whole host of parts to back up the added power.

Next up on the talking points is a lovely C3 that’s been set up to show that Lingenfelter performance isn’t all about the hammer-down style of power. This one’s set up for autocross. Knowing that an autocross car gets flung around quite a bit, that means extra steps have to be taken to ensure proper fluid management is done right.

And finally we get to see the very cool Reaper truck, their “hot rod truck.” We also get a few words on Ken’s collection as well as plans for Lingenfelter in the future.

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Via [CarCast with Adam Carolla]

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