SEMA Mega Gallery: Chevy Goes Big at the Aftermarket Party of the Year

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Chevy Corvette SEMA

There ain’t no party like the aftermarket party, because the aftermarket don’t stop.

I’m pretty sure George Clinton was talking about SEMA when he made such a profound statement, because the Parliament front-man perfectly describes the scene at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the moment. It is, no doubt, the best and biggest aftermarket party around.

I’m sorry, what was that? Clinton was talking about the after-party, not the aftermarket? Well, whatever, it’s still applicable, because how can you not feel like celebrating with so many cool customs under one roof?

To get a good sense of what we mean, have a look at the gallery below, featuring photos by our managing editor John Coyle, showcasing some of the amazing Chevys at this year’s show, including a few gorgeous Corvettes. And because there’s so much more going on at SEMA other than just Chevy customization, we also threw in plenty of other party favors for you to enjoy too.

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