Listen to This 950-HP ProCharged Corvette Roar

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BigKelib ProCharged Corvette

Anytime you come across a video with a headline like “Nasty Sounding 950HP ProCharged Corvette,” you know it’s going to be good.

After hearing this 408CI ProCharged ‘Vette roar down the dragstrip in the BigKleib34 video below, you kind of get over the idea that there are no time passes. And if the first part of the video doesn’t quite do it for you, then just wait for about the 30-second mark, when the ‘Vette puts on a show that will definitely make you a believer.

Hearing this Corvette roar up to the starting line has to be pretty intimidating for any would-be competitors on the drag strip. Although, the ‘Vette does seem to get a pretty good run for its money in one of the races shown in the clip.  Still, this is one menacing ‘Vette, which I’m betting is a blast behind the wheel, or even just riding shotgun.

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Via [BigKleib34]

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