There’s No Settling the Manual vs Automatic Debate

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Let’s look at what Corvette Forum members have to say about the manual vs automatic comparison.

Decades from now, our guess is that Corvette fans will still be debating which is better – a manual transmission or an automatic.

Of course, by then, new Corvettes will likely only be offered as automatics.

Like it or not, that seems to be the direction that practically every carmaker is headed when it comes to sports cars. Still, it’s clear that for some diehard Corvette purists, manually equipped models will always reign supreme.

To get a sense of some of the arguments, you really don’t need to look any further than this thread. It’s all in response to our January, 2016 post titled, “7 Reasons to Pick an Automatic Over a Manual.”

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Take, for example, CF member Brandont619, who point-for-point counters all seven reasons. Now, we don’t necessarily agree with all of his ideas, but he does makes some very valid points.

Most importantly, Brandont619 takes direct aim at one of our central arguments in the ongoing debate. Namely that the thrill of driving an automatic Corvette, given today’s technology, is on par with driving a manual.

“Absolutely false,” writes Brandon. “I’ve driven a M7 C7 Z51 and a A8 C7 Z51 back to back. Without a third pedal and gear level, it is undeniable that there is less driver involvement and overall connection with the vehicle – which to me, translates into less fun and excitement.”

Point well taken, Brandont619.

Still, there seems to be a growing fan base for new Corvettes equipped with an automatic transmission, probably best summed up by the comment made by CF member Walt White Coupe, who simply wrote, “I love my A8.”

So, which side of the aisle to sit on?

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