Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Caught Close-Up on Video

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A lucky C5 driver ran down one of the mid-engine Corvette test mules with his cameras rolling.

There have been plenty of spy shots and videos of what is believed to be the mid-engine Corvette, but this new video offers the most detail of the next American supercar. This footage was captured by the YouTube account of prettyfast1000, who happened to have a GoPro on-hand when he happened upon the mysterious supercars.

Mid-Engine Corvette Front End

C5 meets C8

It seems as though the person behind this YouTube account owns a modified C5 Corvette. He was recently out cruising on some curvy roads near Idyllwild, California with his rear-facing GoPro running when a pair of disguised supercars blasted by in the opposite direction. The eagle-eyed Corvette driver immediately turned around and went chasing after the test cars. When he caught up, he stated that he believes these to be the long-rumored mid-engine Corvette.

Mid-Engine Corvette rear end

We think that he is right, as this most certainly looks like the car expected to be the C8 Corvette. In this case, it is wearing little enough camouflage that we can decipher some design details.

Unfortunately, the C5 is incredibly loud, so we cannot hear the mid-engine Corvettes during their dash through the twisty roads. However, the videographer is able to get shots of the C8 from the front and rear.

Mid-engine details

The front end of the mid-engine Corvette test cars are pretty heavily cloaked, so we can only get a rough look at the basic shape of the C8’s face. Overall, it appears to have a similar shape to the current Corvette across the front end, although it is lower and wider than the current models. It also looks as though the masked front end might be hiding a big, flared front fascia. We presume these to be housing cooling vents for the high-end braking system.

Mid-Engine Corvette Front Large

The back end of these mystery cars aren’t as covered-up as the front, so this video gives us a good look at the C8 Corvette’s new rear. Most notably, this supercar has quad exhaust tips arranged in pairs and mounted in the outer corners of the rear fascia. Additionally there is a large vent in the middle, likely a bit of functional aero. The rear end looks wider and flatter than the C7, but the roofline has a similar dual-bump design to that of the Stingray.

Mid-Engine Corvette Rear Large

While the car is very low to the ground, the rear end is positioned higher, looking an awful lot like the form of most mid-engine supercars. That is reinforced by the unusual front-to-rear distribution relative to the cockpit, with a short front in front of the driver and a longer rear portion out back.

What do you think about this? Is this the mid-engined C8 ‘Vette? Drop a comment below, or in the forums and sound off on the latest development.

Patrick Rall is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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