Mid-Engine Corvette Could Be Surprisingly Affordable

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Mid-Engined Corvette

Mid-engine C8 Corvette looks like it will be way cheaper than anyone expected.

I know, you are probably fed up with all the news about the mid-engine C8 Corvette. We are sorry, but maybe this story about bargain basement pricing will cheer you up.

Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Rear Low-Res

A few months ago we shared a story from Automobile that claimed the new C8 could be as cheap as $65,000. Considering the fact that everyone is talking about carbon fiber, advanced composites, and twin-turbo V8 engines, it seems crazy that a mid-engine Corvette would be anything less than $150k. But now we can shed some more light on that pricing, and we think it could be correct.

You will likely be able to buy a mid-engine ‘Vette for the same basic price as a C7 Grand Sport.

We just released a ton of details that were leaked in an analyst forecasting document that showed the mid-engine car will be sold with three different engines, and that it will be produced alongside the C7 until 2021. For some, it may seem weird to offer two different generations at the same time. We think it’s brilliant.  In fact, we think it was designed that way to create a thicker and more varied Corvette model lineup.


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For years we have just assumed that the mid-engine car will exist as a top-tier halo car for the Corvette brand with crazy pricing to match. Now with the news of multiple engine options, including the current LT1 V8, it seems like GM will actually sell an “affordable” mid-engine car. So, we’ve collected every piece of knowledge we have, done some extra math to get some potential engine horsepower numbers, and we worked out this new lineup. The recent announcement of ZR1 pricing really helped here.

Here is how we currently see things breaking down, complete with our thoughts on potential pricing and horsepower levels.

Model Engine Price
C7 Stingray LT1 V8 455 hp $56k – $70K
C7 Grand Sport LT1 V8 455 hp $65k – $75k
“Mid-Engine Base” LT1 V8 455 hp $70k – $80k
C7 Z06 LT4 SC V8 650 hp $80k – $105k
“Mid-Engine Z06” 4.2L TT V8 625 hp $100k – $125k
C7 ZR1 LT5 SC V8 755 hp $120k – $135k
“Mid-Engine ZR1” 5.5L TT V8 800+ hp $150k+

Basically, we expect the mid-engine car to perform better than a base C7 thanks to the mid-engine design and a lower curb weight. This allows GM to offer it at a slightly higher premium while offering it with similar power ratings as the “cheaper” C7.

Now it’s time for you guys to chime in. Do you think this sort of lineup makes sense? More importantly would you be more interested in the mid-engine Corvette if it was priced like this? The Corvette has always been priced at a level that is attainable with enough work and effort, and there was a lot of worry that a C8 lineup would push the starting prices well above $100k. Hit that forum and let your voices be heard. I’m sure GM is closely watching how people react to some of these rumors.

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