Mid-Engine Corvette Expected to Top $150,000

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The more information I gather on that mid-engine Corvette supposedly in the works, the more I think I need to find a few more sources of income.

That or either just accept the fact that the closest I’ll probably ever get to that new ZORA is downloading a photo of the car as a screensaver for my computer.

I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up because with an expected sticker price of about $150,000, I’m betting I won’t be the only Corvette fan forced to realize it’s nothing, but a dream.

You read that correctly: that’s $150K.

Crazy, right? I guess if Chevy is really pushing for the Corvette to compete against Ferrari and Lamborghini, it’s going to cost. I, for one, just never imagined it would be that much.

Still, as big as I am on the idea, I’m wondering if Chevy can convince buyers with deep enough pockets to dish out $150,000 for a Corvette.

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Source [Motor Authority]

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