Multi-Generational Corvette Roll Racing Action

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C5, C6 and C7 Corvette coupes with nitrous and aftermarket superchargers duke it out on the street.

The footage above comes to us from the Street Car Video YouTube channel so as you can imagine, it is chock full of thrilling street racing action and in these clips, the Chevrolet Corvette is the star of the show. Technically, several Corvettes star in this video as Chevy supercars from the C5, C6 and C7 era go head-to-head on the street. One Vette even takes the time to beat down a new, supercharged Ford Mustang GT.

Like many of these highway roll racing videos on YouTube, this one begins with a look at the cars at rest in a local parking lot. Based on the array of high performance cars waiting to hit the street, you know that the racing action is going to be solid.

White C6 Corvette ZR1

This first segment shows a white C6 Corvette ZR1, a red C6 Grand Sport, a ProCharged C5, a built C6 on the bottle and a couple Mustangs, Hellcats and motorcycles that we don’t see racing.

When the racing action begins, the descriptions aren’t always clear enough to tell which cars from the intro are participating in the given race, but that really doesn’t matter.

In the first race, a black ProCharged C5 takes on a bottled Vette which might be the black car from the intro, but we aren’t sure. When they hammer down on the third honk, the C5 hops out at first, but the nitrous car closes and passes for the win.

Black C6 Corvette

Next, the “Nitrous Corvette” takes on a red C5 with nitrous, and while the red car takes the easy win, it appears as though something in the braking system failed at the end of the race, as sparks pour from the driver’s side front wheel when the two slow down.


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The third and fourth races have the nitrous Corvette taking on a C6 ZR1 with unspecified bolt-ons. All we know is that it needs more bolt-ons, as the bottle car hands out a beating on the first race and in the second race, the ZR1 takes the early lead, but the camera car closes for the win.

After several videos showing the Nitrous Corvette, the video focuses on a ProCharged C6 as it takes three others Vettes. In a battle with a bottled C7 Z06, the ProCharged car takes the big win. When racing a C6 ZR1 with heads and a new cam, the race is just about dead even, but a Magnuson-supercharged C7 Z06 proves to be too much, with the Maggie car handing out a beating.

However, these two run again with the ProCharged car turning on the nitrous and in this race, the ProCharged package takes the win.

Corvette Racing a Mustang

The video ends with a Whipple-supercharged late model Ford Mustang GT taking on a 900-horsepower Corvette C6 without any mod list. The Mustang jumps out early and appears to have the race in hand, but the Corvette takes the win on the big end.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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