Now More Than Ever We Expect a New ZR1

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We all know that the new Corvette Z06 is ludicrously fast. In a world where so much can be done with 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, you wonder if there really is a need to go much faster? Wait, you’re horsepower freaks so you want more. Well, I think we can pretty much say for certain that a new uber-Corvette is on the way, and it’ll carry the historic badge of ultra high performance; ZR1.

Since the launch of the 7th-generation Corvette, people have speculated the return of the ZR1. It was a popular selling for the C6, and earned the respect of journalists and enthusiasts worldwide. They just “had” to do it, right?

The Z06 came along packing a supercharged engine and performance metrics that once seemed impossible for a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car. But the Z06 delivered the goods. After that car’s launch, some wondered where Chevy would go next? Would we just be skipping ahead to the Zora?

Now General Motors has trademarked the ZR1 name. While trademarks are important for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t necessarily mean GM registered the name to make a car. But with the 8th-generation Corvette a ways away, a ZR1 would make sense to keep the Corvette fresh and new, set new records, and keep everyone happy in the meantime. I believe the trademark seals the deal for the new car.

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