Is This Paint Issue Enough For You To Not Purchase A C7?

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Corvette C7

CorvetteForum member details why he won’t buy a C7, and why Corvette struggles to attract Millennials.

At CorvetteForum, we pride ourselves of having one of the best communities of Corvette fans in the world. We have a huge amount of fans and experts that come together to discuss the vehicles that we all love. However, our forum is also a great place to voice concerns and issues we have with Chevy, and particularly, with the Corvette.

Recently, a member named Mammoth713 voiced his concern about the C7 Corvettes that he has seen on the lots. As a self-professed millennial, Mammoth sees himself as the prime consumer that Chevy should be going after with the new Corvettes. However, he doesn’t see himself purchasing a new Corvette anytime soon. And that’s not because he’s lost his love of Corvettes, but because of an alarming trend he’s noticing with the paint.

“Multiple c7gs/c7z I’ve looked at on the lot had terrible paint issues where the bumpers meet…This is the “halo” car and yet you can get a better factory paint QC out of a Toyota Camry,” he said in his post. “I’ve read multiple people on the forum who HAVE had paint issues and still bought the car. They get the runaround w/ GM and dealer of how to fix the paint issues or buyback, etc.. NO THANKS.”

The paint issue he’s referring to is illustrated in the pictures he posted. In the pictures, you can clearly see there are problems where the bumper meets, just as he describes. It’s not just on one car, either. He has pictures of four separate Corvettes.

Mammoth sees this as a problem because, in his words, Corvette should be going after people like him. People who have the means to purchase the expensive vehicles, and the love of the brand. However, as he states in the post, the paint issues are “a huge turn off.”


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Some people in the thread said that perhaps his issues with the C7’s are more fundamental, and maybe his pointing out the paint issues is just finding an excuse to not purchase one.

“Don’t get me wrong, the C7z/c7gs is the best product around that price point. I just can’t drop the cash when so many of them have paint issues on the lots that I have seen with my own eyes. Plus the terrible customer service accounts I’ve read on this forum and of people that I personally know. Thus, as I said in my first post, I will wait and see if I happen to find a used c7gs unicorn that had good fitting bumpers, no paint issues, etc, or just wait for c8/midengine etc. Maybe might buy a c7gs at the last year of the production if all the paint issues are in fact dealt with the new facility.”

It’s clear from his own words that Mammoth is, for the most part, a big fan of the C7, and is willing to drop the cash to get one, but there’s just so much that he can’t look past. As a Corvette fan, how do you feel about this problem? Is the paint issues he has shown enough to stop you from purchasing an expensive Corvette? Join the conversation in the forums!

Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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