Plasti Dipped C7 Corvette? Depends Who You Ask

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plastidip corvette

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the owner of a brand new C7 Corvette. At least that was the consensus of Corvette Forum when fellow member Reason222 posted up some photos of his Plasti Dipped ‘Vette.

While quite proud of the color scheme and how it ties the rims and interior together, Reason222’s thread was met with mixed reviews regarding his car’s overall appearance. With many people chiming in to voice their displeasure, there were at least some who liked it, and others who proclaimed if Reason222 is happy, the opinions of others don’t matter. Most people fell somewhere in the middle, pointing out the car would look awesome if some of the Plasti Dip was peeled off to reveal the black trim around the vents and lights.

How do you see it? What are your experiences with Plasti Dip? Is it an affordable alternative to painting or wrapping a car? Is Plasti Dip as easy to remove as people say it is? Do you have any feedback on how Reason222 can maintain his vision, while also improving the looks of his dream car?

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