Poll Results: Why are Corvettes Being Wrecked?

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Earlier this week, we asked you the following question– “Why have two C7 Corvette Stingrays already been wrecked?” And apparently 72% of you have no sense of humor. Just joking, relax. The remaining 28% (majority) voted that the non-elliptical taillights were to blame. There was a correct answer and that was it.

In all seriousness, it seems that the owner of the second wrecked C7 (pictured above) allegedly dropped his car off to be detailed and picked it up as pictured. The detailer then took it for a spin and made some poor decisions. Whatever the reason, inexperience, inability to handle the rapid acceleration and quick handling, misshapen taillamps, please don’t less this happen to your car. Let these sacrificial lambs be a warning to you, drive cautiously and vet (pun intended) anyone you hand the keys to… don’t be next!

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