Corvette Forum Poll: Do you Text and Drive?

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Texting and driving is a stupid thing and we all know it. It takes lives every day, and so those numbers are climbing every day. Knowing that quite a large population of the Corvette Forum crew is old enough to request the installation of a rotary phone in their new ‘Vette, it will be curious to see just how many of us actually commit this act of stupidity.

Member 73Corvette started a thread in the C5 forum to find out who texts and drives, and there has been a lot of interesting talk. C5 buyers are much younger than the buyers of C6 and C7 cars, so it makes sense that there would be a lot of “yes, I text” people in the crowd, but how far has this epidemic spread?

It is hard to not joke about something that we all know is obscenely idiotic. Hell, one post was just the phrase, “only when I’m drunk.” But let’s set the joking aside for just one second. Across all of the Corvette Forum family, I want to know how many of us text and drive. I ask that you please answer this poll honestly. It is anonymous, and it can maybe give us an idea of just how many people are engaging in this dangerous act. Maybe if there are enough of us acting stupid, it might open our eyes and at least make us cut down on our own mental negligence.

Do you text and drive in your Corvette?

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