Flat Bottom or Not: Which Steering Wheel Do You Prefer?

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Every day we find more and more racing technology and features in our Corvettes. It started slow with things like ABS all those years ago, but now we have advanced electronic differentials, traction control systems, ceramic brakes, and carbon fiber everywhere. One feature that hasn’t made it yet is the flat-bottom steering wheel. That hasn’t stopped some members from ordering aftermarket steering wheels to add that extra racing touch, though. Recently PUGPROUD ordered an Alcantara covered wheel that is flat on the top and the bottom, and that started a healthy Corvette Forum discussion about wheel shape.

We seem to have lots of people who either love it or hate it, but not much in the middle. Some are quick to point out that high-end exotics, like those from Ferrari, use a similar wheel design, but lots of folks love the comfort and look of an old-school round one. For me it’s all about wheel thickness. I don’t prefer wheels that are flat bottom or round, just make sure the wheel is thick enough for me to really hold onto.

But enough about me. What about you? I am putting a call out to everyone to chime in and give us some input. Is this an age thing? Are the younger kids going for the squared wheels to fulfill racing urges, or are the older guys just hanging on to round traditions (God knows you guys did that for the taillights)? Should Chevy offer a factory flat wheel even? Sound off in the thread!

Also, for some random reason, I keep singing “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen, but with the words “flat bottom wheels” replacing that title line.

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