Procharged C7Z Takes on the World

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Just when you thought 900 procharged horsepower could get the job done, think again.

We’ve recently seen drag racing records for the C7 fall, but that’s in the 1/4 mile. At Pocono Raceway, they use the long front straight for rolling 1/3 mile races, and a Procharged C7 was there to keep the title of speed in the Corvette’s name.

This Corvette’s fight was three strong, with a fast Coyote powered S550 Mustang, a Charger Hellcat and a McLaren 720S. Clearly there would be no easy wins here, because all were in various states of tune as well. We’ll break them down one by one.

Rolling into the acceleration zone at 60 miles per hour is a prerequisite for all the races, and the race starts with the most ferocious contender. McLaren’s 720S comes directly from England with 710 horsepower, remarkably light weight and a very slippery and aerodynamic body. However in this race against the Procharged Z06, the McLaren is humbled. Trap speeds for this race were 163 for the Brit, and 168 miles per hour for the Yankee. And this isn’t just any 720S, it’s DME tuned and with a 9.5 second 1/4 mile, is the worlds fastest. An impressive win for the Corvette.

C7 Z06 procharged hellcat charger Mclaren 720S mustang coyote

Next up is the brutish Dodge¬†Charger Hellcat. It comes from the factory with 707 horsepower, but is rarely left stock. This one is Whipple supercharged and making 1000 horsepower, but is much heavier and punches a bigger hole through the air, too. That has an effect on top speed, which was only 155 miles per hour compared to the ‘Vette’s 166.

C7 Z06 procharged hellcat charger Mclaren 720S mustang coyote

Last but not least comes a twin turbo Coyote Mustang GT. This win for the Corvette came a bit easier, as the Mustang just wasn’t making the same kind of power as the Corvette and trapped an entire 22 miles per hour slower than the Corvette, at 146 miles per hour. That’s three for three for the Corvette, and we’d say a job well done.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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