Corvette Loses Race in Spectacular Fashion, Wheels Up and Blowing Fire

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Head’s up grudge match doesn’t show the times, but anyone can see this Corvette makes monster power.

The video above comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features a great drag race between a C3 Corvette and a second generation split-bumper Camaro.  In a battle of these two Chevy performance cars from the 1970s, the Vette looks like it would be the quicker car if only the driver could keep the nose down. However, with the wheels in the air and fire pouring from the headers, the driver can only watch the Camaro drive away.

The Competitors

Unfortunately, there is no information accompanying this footage, but we can learn a few things from the video.

The car in the far lane is a Corvette from the latter portion of the C3 generation, with the molded front fascia and the high-arching fender lines. It appears to have the top of a supercharger sticking up through the hood. If nothing else, we know that it is likely a big-cube V8 with some sort of forced induction or nitrous oxide. Many of these no-prep beasts are making thousands of horsepower and we expect that this Vette is no different.

Corvette Vs Camaro No Prep

In the near lane, we have a Chevrolet Camaro from the second generation, sporting the familiar split-bumper front end design. This car also clearly has a monstrous V8 and it sounds like this car is relying on a turbocharging setup.

The Action

The video begins with the Corvette doing a fairly subdued burnout, staying behind the starting line while the Camaro does a pro-style burnout, smoking the tires well past the starting line. After the Vette waits for the Camaro to back up to the line, the two stage and when the green lights drop, both cars rip away from the line.

Corvette Wheels Way Up

The Corvette quickly pulls into the lead, but a short distance after the launch, the front wheels come way up. The driver tries to stay into it, but we can see the fire at the end of the headers go out as he lifts. At that point, the car slams down, sparks spraying from under the front end as the car bottoms out on the track surface.

Camaro Beats Corvette

From there, the driver tries to get back into the throttle, but the Camaro is just too far ahead to catch.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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