Psychedelic C3 Corvette: Is it Worth the Green?

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There’s just something about this Corvette that reminds me of some X-rated ’70s flick.

As a matter of fact, after stumbling on the photo, I quickly started scouring the GM Authority story to see if there was any mention of it being once owned by some wild movie producer who had a thing for bizarre shades of green, or perhaps a few other weird hobbies.

That’s not to say that the custom C3 doesn’t have a certain appeal, because it does… in its own, very special sort of way. It’s just that figuring out exactly what the appeal is for a green ’71 ‘Vette with a velvet interior and cactus images can’t be quantified the same way you’d calculate, say, the worth of a vintage silver model.

Then again, considering that the eBay seller was seeking $10,000 for the car, which doesn’t run, it’d be silly to think that there wouldn’t be a few other crazy elements tied to the vehicle.

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via [GM Authority]

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