Would You Rather Have a Porsche or a Corvette?

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Well this is an interesting development here at Corvette Forum. One of our C7 Z06 owners decided he didn’t want the Crossed Flags parked in his garage anymore, and he bought a 911 Turbo S. That got a lot of people talking about the merits between the two cars, and things have been fun to watch. From talks about excitement and quality, to price and handling, there has been a lot of back and forth.

And that got me thinking. As much as I absolutely love the Corvette, if money was no object, I’m not sure I could turn down the keys to a Porsche. I wonder if the same could be said for many of you. So, lets do that magical poll thing again and get a better picture of how we all feel.

z06 vs 991 911

If money didn’t matter, if both cars were priced exactly the same, would you buy a Corvette, or a would you nab a Porsche? And feel free to pick your favorites of either brand, but try to keep them even. So Z06 vs 911 Turbo, Grand Sport versus 911 GTS, etc. Nobody expects anyone to pick a base 911 over a decked out Z06.

Now click those dots and make your choice. After that, be sure to hit the thread and sound off about why you made your choice. Is the aggressive look of the Corvette better to your eye than the 911? Is the launch control in the Turbo S enough to take your vote? Let us know!

Money no object: Porsche or Corvette?

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